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A message from the Director

Greetings and welcome to Foreign Language Teacher Education! It’s the only place to be for undergraduates who are looking to earn a degree in second language teaching, and graduate students seeking to earn a teaching license in addition to the MA.

After the renewal of the summer, we are looking forward to a year of firsts, the most important of which is our first year under the new program configuration. Unlike the somewhat splintered layout of the previous program structure, the BAT and FLTE Licensure Programs will now run across three semesters with no break in the preparation process aside from the summer. Study abroad will be undertaken prior to the start of the program, and no specialized coursework is required in order to apply to the BAT or the licensure program. FLTE cohorts will coalesce during the first semester of the Professional Education sequence and will remain together through Student Teaching. Aside from earning a professional degree and/or becoming eligible for the teaching credential, being a FLTE teacher candidate will provide the opportunity to make new friends and possible future colleagues.

This is also the first year of the state-mandated edTPA, which becomes consequential to eligibility for the teaching license during the 2015-2016 academic year. Although it will be a long journey of planning, instructing, assessing, reviewing, and analyzing, the edTPA will provide a rich experience in many of the key aspects of effective classroom instruction.

Finally, this is the first year of the new FLTE website! Over the past two years, our website has been completely overhauled to make it the place to go for information on all things FLTE. A variety of our processes, such as admissions, have moved to an electronic format in the past year and will continue to evolve as our new website becomes the focal point of our communication with the public. We also anticipate adding further features to ensure that FLTE news and events is accessible anywhere you go. Please stay tuned for future developments!

If you are even toying with the idea of teaching French, German, Latin, or Spanish at the high school or middle school levels, please check out our program. You should always start that conversation with your language advisor, but the FLTE staff always welcomes questions, and the chance to discuss career and academic plans with prospective applicants as well as with the teacher candidates who are currently admitted.

Here’s to wishing everyone a safe, successful, and productive academic year!

Pamela Greene, PhD
Director, Foreign Language Teacher Education